Contract availability starting February 2015

I am available to take on Php contract & freelance work in February 2015, I would be looking for a contract using either; Zend Framework, Codeigniter (or similar), Symfony2, Fuel Php or Drupal. Click here to read more about which services and skills I have to offer, or click here to read more about me.

Free Code Snippet Repository

Found this cool tool on-line, really useful for storing snippets of code that I used to save in my email client. Nice syntax highlighting features and best of all its FREE! Also looking forward to the Chrome extension!
Free code repository tool with syntax highlighting

Configure Postfix & Spam Assassin for SPAM protection

As an Internet professional I have many email addresses for different uses and get lots of related emails (some SPAM, mainly HAM though!). In recent weeks though I have seen an explosion in SPAM coming from eastern Europe and Russia. I have finally decided to configure Spam Assassin to kill that SPAM.

The first thing I did was to update the RBL (Blacklists) in /etc/postfix/ to use: this replaced the two now non functional RBL lists I had in there.

Digital Ocean droplet slow DNS resolution

We have been using a Digital Ocean Droplet to host a web application at work and found an issue when using our Zend Framework App to cURL an external resource. The issue we were seeing is that the response would take so long that it would Timeout.


Hack language uses the HHVM

I learned recently of an interesting language based on Php. The language in question is called Hack and is made available by the folks at Facebook. Apparently they have invested a lot of time and resources in creating a fork of Php that is suitable for their needs.

Learning Python

As well as being a professional Php developer I am also a hobbyist in various other languages. My current language of choice being Python 3.3. This language is interesting and like Php is a dynamically typed interpreted language. However that's about as far as the similarities with Php go.

Python is a mature language with many excellent constructs baked right into the language eg: tuples for immutable lists and there are many great resources out there for anybody learning Python.

Php 5.5.0 Alpha release

It's always exciting to see a language evolve and mature, we had the addition of namespaces and closures in 5.3, the addition of traits, function array deferencing, short array syntax and a built in Web Server in 5.4 and now Php 5.5 is out for release testing.Here are a few addtions:

Avatar Image of MeI am a freelance Php developer, with many years of experience working in a variety of different organisations. I live in Tamworth, however I work for clients within the Midlands and the rest of the UK. I am always available for a chat, so why not get in touch? I am available for hire on an daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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