Augmented Reality (AR)

We have all heard of Virtual Reality, its that magical place where anything is possible, you can become any one you want to be in any place. This concept can be extended by adding computerised headsets to ensure the user has a fully immersive experience. VR as a technology appeals to many different people and ranges from virtual worlds such as Myst or Second Life to industrial applications such as; product design, urban regeneration and Software development.


GE AR Demo

A lesser know concept is that of Augmented Reality, which until recently has been relatively unknown by the general public until the advent of the Iphone. The reason the media spolight has been on this concept recently is the ability of Apple's Iphone to utilise Augmented Reality to create applications that allow users to augment the real world. An example of this is being able to look at a building using the Iphone's camera and get information about that building overlayed onto the screen. It is the ultimate in user interaction and has many exciting possibilities, imagine playing an AR game with some friends using the real world as a back drop!


here is a list of some AR concepts in use.
Toyota Reality cars
GE Smart Grid