Php object pass through

Sometimes in php you may come across stacked object methods, which return the same object, most notably in frameworks such as Zend or when using Doctrine Query Language (DQL). This can confuse some people as the way it is constructed can be a little confusing. eg: $obj->from(array('u','users'))->join(array('ua','useraddress'),'u.uid = ua.uid');

Business Logic, to be or not to be?

I thought I would write a short article on business logic/rules in web applications, specifically Php Applications.

What is business logic?

There are many definitions of what exactly business logic is, they often differ in their precise meaning, however they largely refer to software practices relating to business systems. For the purposes of this article I have written my own definition:
`Business logic is the set of rules used to describe the flow of data within an organisation`. - Luke Tarplin, 2011, This Article

HTML 5 Logo Released

HTML 5 Logo Looks like there has been quite a bit of thought put into the branding of HTML and all the emerging web technologies it represents. Only a few days ago the HTML 5 Logo was released, read the W3C blog on the subject here.

Regular Expression Cheat Sheet

Some useful Regex for pattern matching! Check out this link for a cool online regex checker

Drupal 7.* is Here

At long last Drupal 7.* is released as the core release... No more RC for us! 

The new Drupal 7.* looks to be a considerable improvement on the already excellent D6.* CMS, notable differences are:

Php Zeitgeist 2010

Top trending Php searches on is out now, click here for full list.